Many people nowadays prefer to think of a funeral service as a “Celebration of Life” or “End of Life Ceremony”. There is no correct or incorrect way to think about a funeral for your loved ones. It comes down to what you and your family would like and what would help them with this important life-stage.

The passing of a loved one is often a very sad and difficult time for families.  You may be assured I will conduct this ceremony with honour, respect, empathy and compassion for the grieving loved ones and dignity and integrity for the bereaved attendees.

Funeral ceremonies may be conducted from a broad variety of venues including a halls, park settings, beaches or even riverside settings as well as the local cemetery, all possibilities may be looked into.

It is a sad fact of life, as difficult and as unwanted as a funeral can be, it must be faced and if I can guide and support you through this challenging time, it would be my privilege to do so.