Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies represent a significant and heartfelt stage in a couple’s journey together.

There are various personal reasons why a couple may choose a Commitment Ceremony and every one of these reasons is equally valid and should be respected and recognised by all.

While there is no legal component with a Commitment Ceremony, preparation is still important to ensure that the day is memorable for all parties.

These ceremonies can be created in any way that the couple desire. However, usually, they include family and friends; thus deepening and strengthening these relationships.

Your ceremony may include anything you wish that might reflect yourselves and your lives, your dreams and passions in the way of ritual, and cultural tradition.

If you are such a couple and wish to enrich your lives with a Commitment Ceremony for a long term relationship, then please contact me and we may begin the adventure of planning a ceremony that will be your very own unique and memorable Celebration of Life.

Included in your ceremony is a memento certificate showing the names of the couple, the date and place of the ceremony and a script for you to keep.